Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Weary Hearts

I found myself talking to friends a lot tonight about the nature of love and our love in particular.
I came to the conclusion that when we are tired and our hearts are weary we stop, and we go to each other to recharge and get faith in love again.

There is a fine line between use and abuse. We use everyone; we would not be connected to people if we did not use them and have them use us for something like company or security or love.
Abuse would be when they don't attempt to repair the damage they cause to you. 

I think tonight I recognized that one relationship I have is a balanced equation of need and help, of give and take. The other is abuse, and though I cannot stop caring for this person, I need to break ties with them in order to stop this pain. (yes yes i KNOW I said "them" instead of a pronoun that is grammatically correct... shush!)

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